Thursday, December 18, 2008

Craig Pilo- Awkwardly Mobile

Moved on.

Drummer Craig Pilo is the owner of a wacky list of credits. Since graduating from the University of North Texas College of Music in 1995, he's toured and recorded with artists ranging from Pat Boone to the Red Elvises. He's also toured with Frankie Valli, Player and Edgar Winter. Pile's fine 2007 release Just Play provides insights into the versatile artist's personal taste. As with the rest of the project, "Awkwardly Mobile" evokes jazz fusion works by the likes of Herbie Hancock. It's a sound well worth revisiting. (Students of drumming will appreciate the performance videos included on the enhanced disc.)

A painfully revealing fan video of Elvis performing "Blue Christmas" in Kansas City was recently uploaded to YouTube. The star died two months later.

Connie Dover and the Kansas City Chamber Orchestra have issued a new Christmas title.

Kansas City Click: Kim Sivils and Steve Rigazzi perform a matinee at Jardine's today.

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