Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Southern Sons- Above My Head, I Hear Music In the Air

No more music.

Apropos of absolutely nothing other than my desire to hear America's greatest sounds, here's a song recorded 67 years and twenty days ago. The Southern Sons are largely forgotten today. This vital compilation is out of print, but a handful of Southern Sons songs are available as MP3s here.

There's all kinds of exciting rock action from Kansas City:

*"Any Moment Now," the new single from Koufax, is a marvel. They deliberately evoke Morphine (the "cure for pain" lyric is no accident) while exhibiting Spoon-style ambition. Fantastic!

*The new video by Reggie and the Full Effect amuses me.

*As disclosed by my pals at the Pitch, the new Architects video is now available for public viewing.

*Kansas City, Kansas, native Janelle Monae is confusing me. Is her new release the first in a series of EPs? Is the "special edition" with a bonus CD worth the extra money? Should I wait for a proper full length? So complicated...

Kansas City Click: Southerly and Antennas Up are among the artists joining There Stands the Glass interview victim Adam Marsland at the Record Bar this evening.


Northing said...

Don't stay up nights waiting on a Jonelle Monae full-length. it will just be the same swill as the ep - badly over-produced Broadway-via-comiccon roosterfish (Neither fish nor fowl). It ain't rock, it ain't hip-hop, it ain't music. Her possibly fine voice is buried in Beyonce-isms. And I hate Beyonce. Do I sound as bitterly disappointed as I feel? Betrayed by Paste magazine, the lame replacement for No Depression. forget this crap and have abetter day!

Happy In Bag said...

I love everything about your comment, Northing- especially the Comic-Con reference. I'll take your distaste for JM to heart, but for the record, I adore Beyonce...

Russell said...

Sounds like great music to me.

I agree that it doesn't belong to a specific genre, though. That's a positive, IMO.