Monday, August 04, 2008

Johnny Griffin, 1928-2008


Introducing Johnny Griffin was the first Blue Note album I purchased. I was smitten as a young teen by the saxophonist's overtly masculine attack. I was second chair in the sax section of a middling middle school band; Griffin demonstrated that the instrument need not be mild and meek. My friend BGO informed me of Griffin's passing as I was packing my bags about ten days ago. I've since learned of the deaths of Yusuf Salim, Ronnie Matthews and Hiram Bullock. I can't stand it. This closing theme is taken from the most obscure Griffin title I own, the out-of-print second volume of a 1967 live date in Sweden. Here's a video of Griffin with Matthews.

I just returned from a week in San Diego. When I wasn't goofing around at the beach, I stuck to mainstream jazz, hip hop and reggae.

Kansas City Click: Try the Blue Room's Monday night jam session.

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