Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ron Ron- Mr. Know It All

Mr. Expired.

Landmark this! Landmark that!

I don't know the status of the KC Landmarks crew within the Kansas City hip hop community. Their MySpace plays are dwarfed by the mighty Rich the Factor and they don't have the KPRS support enjoyed by Cash Image.

I certainly have no regrets about spending $10.97 on this CD-R by Ron Ron at 7th Heaven even though it's also available at the free mixtape download sites. And I continue to insist that Donta Slusha's "Check My Posture" is one of the best songs of 2008. The Slusha is among the guests on the mixtape, which I assume was produced by The Popper.

As with many mixtapes, Mr. Know It All liberally reappropriates contemporary hits. The title track improves on the incredibly irritating lyrics of Ray J's hit "Sexy Can I". What Ron Ron's mixtape lacks in originality, it makes up for in lovable grit and sheer entertainment value.

I might have to hit this August 29 show at the Emerald House to get a better read on this scene.

The Pitch offers an interview with the Egyptian Lover. I smile every time I recall his opening set for M.I.A. in May.

A variation on one of my mottos is, "The band with the saxophone wins." LeRoi Moore died yesterday.

Kansas City Click: David Basse has a weekly Wednesday night gig on the roof of Bice Bistro in the Power and Light District.


Russell said...

That Ron Ron is fun. Nice find.

Russell said...

Oh, and thanks for the add to your blogroll.

Jonathan/Beatrice said...

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