Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Beres Hammond- One Dance

The dance has ended.

Aside from their similar capacities, Kansas City's Beaumont Club and San Diego's Wavehouse share almost no resemblance.

The Wavehouse features artificial surfing waves. The Beaumont has a broken mechanical bull. The open-air Wavehouse is twenty yards from the beach. Beer signs depicting country singers and NASCAR drivers adorn The Beaumont. Each venue, however, afforded me recent opportunities to witness tremendous reggae shows.

Luciano was great at the Beaumont at April. Beres Hammond's performance at the Wavehouse last week was even better. Both men carried full bands and were clearly delighted to sing for devoted fans who knew every word. "One Dance" is contained on this 2002 compilation.

Folkie Erik Darling died Saturday. (Tip via BGO.)

Kansas City Click: Is any hit of 2008 more infuriating than "Handlebars"? I hear the blasted thing in my sleep. The Flobots perform tonight on the Power & Light District stage.

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