Thursday, August 07, 2008

Katy Hudson- Last Call

Closing time.

OMG! I was reading a magazine article about Katy Perry last night when I realized that I met the pop superstar in 2001.

As Katy Hudson, she was working as a Christian rock hopeful. I was employed as a sales rep for an independent record label distributor. Katy performed an exceedingly awkward showcase at our company's annual convention.

As the token Christian among my sales brethren, management had encouraged me to drum up enthusiasm for Katy among my colleagues. It was a lost cause. Had attendance not been mandatory, almost all of the 75 people in the room would have fled for the bar.

It's not that Katy was bad when she sang over prerecorded backing tracks. As "Last Call" demonstrates, her sound was actually pretty compelling. (The out-of-print album can be purchased here.)

Rather, it was the judgmental eyes of Katy's Christian label staff that made our sales staff squirm. Additionally, Katy seemed timid and uncertain of herself. She bore absolutely no resemblance to the saucy siren I adored at Warped Tour last month.

Kansas City Click: The Pitch Music Showcase is tonight. Here's a cheat sheet for A&R types: The acts with the most potential commercial upside are the Abracadabras, the ACB's, Beautiful Bodies, Fourth of July and Barclay Martin.

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