Monday, October 29, 2007

Porter Wagoner, 1927-2007


"My, we didn't know what lonesome was..." Porter Wagoner is in full Luke the Drifter mode on "Tomorrow We'll Retire," a song I interpret as a pathetic parental guilt trip. It's from A Rare Slice of Country, a collection of pre-fame radio shots. Sixteen months ago I wrote that "Wagoner gives me the creeps" and mentioned that I'd seen him at the Opry. Since I posted those unkind words I've invested more time in Wagoner classics like "Rubber Room" and "Sorrow On the Rocks." I have a new appreciation for Wagoner's musical contribution, even if, well, you know... Wagoner died yesterday.

Here are my notes and photos from Joshua Redman's show Friday night.

I don't know what to make of this odd clip of Elvis Costello singing "Happy Birthday" to Hilary Clinton. It came to my attention via C-SPAN, where I caught Hil waxing poetic over the friendship she and Bill enjoy with E.C. and Diana Krall. At this moment, the clip has only 530 YouTube views, but I expect that number will skyrocket as it becomes a controversial lightning rod for people of all political stripes.

Kansas City Click: It'll take a certain state of mind to get up for tonight's event at the Beaumont. It's a Halfway To Hazard concert hosted by Chiefs star Jared Allen.

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