Monday, October 08, 2007

Tennessee Ernie Ford- Milk 'Em In the Mornin' Blues


Outsiders will no doubt find it hysterical that provincial in-fighting dominates the state of Kansas. Nearly every resident of the state identifies with either the University of Kansas or Kansas State University. KU is perceived as a snobbish home for the city folk of eastern Kansas, while K-State is derided as an agricultural school. Both generalizations are based in reality. I have KU blood in my veins, but I listened to the Jayhawk's heroic football upset on KSU's radio network Saturday. I can't bear the smug KU announcers, but I also laugh at KSU's cattle insemination and boll weevil pesticide sponsors. So here's a song my sad KSU friends can relate to- Tennessee Ernie Ford's "Milk 'Em In the Morning Blues." The 1949 recording is contained on Ford's excellent Vintage Collection. If Wildcat fans seek further consolation, they might try this Ford and Odetta duet.

Do I dare go on one of my periodic metal binges? If I discover more bands like High On Fire, the descent into darkness will be worth the pain.

Kansas City Click: Loren Pickford plays jazz at Jardine's tonight.


Mr. Poncho said...

Isn't "Darn that Dream" a beautiful song? And god bless you for the Tennessee Ernie Ford. I've been meaning to scrounge up a copy of "Hog-Tied Over You" for years. There's some serious string-theory pedal steal on that one.

Happy In Bag said...


You're welcome.

I saw him as a real cheeseball when he was still living, but Ernie's country stuff has aged very well.