Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Joe Grushecky- Love To Blame


Of course I hold Bruce Springsteen to a higher standard. When a guy salvages your troubled teenage life with songs like "Adam Raised a Cain," you expect him to produce deeply meaningful music forever. Alas, that's just not the case with Magic. It's like a high school reunion afterparty with a few of your oldest friends. It's good to be with the guys again, but no matter how much you laugh that night you know that you'll never have as much fun with them as you did when you were seventeen. Here's the thing- if Magic was the new release by Bruce associates Gary U.S. Bonds, Southside Johnny, Garland Jeffreys or recent Bruce descendants Roger Clyne or Mike Ness, I'd reserve a place for it in my year-end top ten. After all, Magic sounds like the best record Joe Grushecky ever made. "Love To Blame is from 1992's End of the Century. Joe and Bruce team up here.

I failed to mention Garth Brooks' amazing achievement yesterday. He sold 140,000 tickets to nine Kansas City shows on Saturday. Furthermore, he made a strong effort to work around secondary ticket vendors.

Kansas City Click: I don't trust Nick Baker's list of influences, but the MP3s posted at his MySpace page exude a lovely Gary Burton-on-sedatives vibe. He's performing with the UMKC Wind Ensemble at White Recital Hall tonight.

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