Thursday, October 18, 2007

Jack Wilson- Autumn Sunset


It's not difficult to imagine nascent rock'n'rollers, R&B and honky tonk musicians becoming increasingly agitated as they viewed Teresa Brewer's television performance in 1950. Heck, fifty-seven years later, it makes me want to break something. It's probably horribly unfair to Brewer to characterize her as the antithesis of Little Richard, Etta James and Chuck Berry, but what else can one make of this or this? Brewer died yesterday.
Jack Wilson, a sophisticated pianist who frequently backed female vocalists including Little Esther and Dinah Washington, died earlier this month. While there's minimal information provided in this budget compilation, Wilson's "Autumn Sunset" seems to be the title track of a 1977 solo album. It's soulful, immediately accessible cocktail jazz, sort of the middle ground between George Shearing and Ramsey Lewis.

Deborah Kerr died Tuesday. In spite of my comments above about Brewer, I adore her in The King and I.

I thoroughly enjoyed last night's broadcast of the Hip Hop Awards on BET. Even though I'm a Common fan, BET's point of pushing him front and center at every opportunity seemed odd and forced. To his credit, Common looked uncomfortable in the designated role of "not T.I."

Kansas City Click: I associate the Static Bar with extreme metal, but Madina Lake and Powerspace are among the poppy bands performing there tonight.

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