Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Don Reno- Lady Hamlet

She left.

Don Reno's "Lady Hamlet" is another strong contender for the theme song to my next imaginary podcast. In addition to being an astounding example of expert pickin' an' grinnin', it's loaded with a sense of joyful anticipation. The instrumental is from an unusual project in which Reno's sons added posthumous backing tracks to a 1972 session. Keep in mind that the guitar wasn't even Reno's primary instrument. This clip from a 1962 television program is just one of many priceless Reno videos on YouTube.

"Pound That Beer"! There's no doubt I'll loathe this new Mac Lethal song by the end of the year- it's an instant anthem here in KC- but right now I can't get enough. (Tip via JH.)

While it lacks the element of surprise that made their previous effort especially welcome, Grace Potter & the Nocturnal's This Is Somewhere is still a fine listen. I dig the Blonde On Blonde vibe captured in the video for "Ain't No Time." Potter and company are currently touring with Gov't Mule.

Kansas City Click: The benefit performance for Megan Birdsall's forthcoming medical procedure is tonight at Jardine's.


folk Face said...

lady hamlet is the finest exposition of guitar work ever. andres segovia who? nice work.

Happy In Bag said...

For sure, FF. Thanks for checking in.