Thursday, October 04, 2007

Johnny Bush- Driving Nails (In My Coffin)


The day's big music story in my town is the old-school queue already forming for Garth Brooks tickets. I listened to my modest Brooks collection last night. I was struck by two things as I heard the material for the first time in years. Like Thriller, it's amazing the way hits outnumber album tracks. And with all due respect to acts like Brooks & Dunn, it became obvious to me that many acts have thrived by rushing to fill the void left by Brooks' "retirement." I then turned to a stack of nearby Johnny Bush discs to refresh my palate. Green Snakes doesn't contain any hits, of course, but its hardcore honky tonk sure hit the spot.

Rakim, Ghostface Killah and Brother Ali backed by a live band? Incredible!

Kansas City Click: The Abracadabras sound like Puddle of Mudd covering the Beatles. See for yourself at Jillys tonight.

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