Friday, October 26, 2007

Joshua Redman- Count Me Out


I'm planning on catching Joshua Redman's show tonight. I pin a disproportionate amount of my hopes for the future of jazz on guys like Redman, Roy Hargrove and Christian McBride. If the music is to survive in a meaningful way, it's on the shoulders of open-minded musicians who know the tradition but who are also aware that hip hop exists. That sensibility is heard on Live At the Village Vanguard from 1995. I hear echoes of Coltrane, Jimmy Forrest and the Wu-Tang Clan in "Count Me Out."

I finally listened to Prog last night as I watched Schilling defeat Jimenez. The Bad Plus' latest manages a very rare feat- it successfully brings big rock attitude to trad jazz. I try hard not to impose my jazz inclinations on others, but now I know what I'm getting my rock-ist buddies for Christmas.

Kansas City Click: Joshua Redman walks a tight rope at the Folly tonight.

The Cult, Stone Sour and the mighty Drowning Pool join the freaks at the annual Freaker's Ball Saturday at the T-Bones stadium.

BB's Lawnside BBQ serves a double helping of the blues Sunday.

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