Friday, October 05, 2007

The Whispers- Out the Box


I can't help feeling guilty every time I attend an oldies concert, especially knowing I just missed a vital Black Lips show. Reveling in nostalgia is for losers. Still, I really want to see The Whispers, Stephanie Mills and Take 7 this weekend. Songs like "Out the Box" are dated, but I'm showing a few wrinkles myself. When my peers were listening to Van Halen, Boston and Journey, stuff like "The Beat Goes On" really enhanced my dating experiences. Unaccountably, "Out the Box" is not included on the bestselling Whispers hit collection, and the disc pictured here is not longer available.

There's no better radio song at this moment than "Duffel Bag Boy".

It has no bearing on music, but outsiders looking for insights into the origin of my troubled psyche need to see this painfully hysterical video.

Kansas City Click: Get Low at the Record Bar tonight.

Oh, the memories! The Whispers, Stephanie Mills and After 7 are at the Music Hall on Saturday.

John Jorgenson & His Gypsy Quintet transform the Mountain Music Shoppe on Sunday.

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