Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Ralph McTell- Nettle Wine


Spinner recently listed Sinead O'Connor's "top heartbreaking songs." Her compelling choices include Ralph McTell's wonderful "Streets of London." Along with John Prine's "Hello In There," The Beatles' "Eleanor Rigby," Bill Morrissey's "John Haber" and Britney's "Gimme More," it's one of pop music's starkest chronicles of loneliness. "Nettle Wine" is a much happier song lifted from McTell's out-of-print live '76 Ralph, Albert & Sydney. Fans of Nick Drake would do well to investigate McTell's catalog. Here's a video of Ralph lip-syncing "Streets of London."

I watched a few minutes of Sunday Best on BET last night. The premise- a gospel singing competition hosted by Kirk Franklin- is great. But the way the show copies American Idol is disappointing. I'd obsess over the program if it displayed just a little originality. I'll try it again in November after the Rockies win the World Series.

Kansas City Click: The Black Lips, a "real" rock band, stumble into the Grand Emporium tonight.

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