Monday, June 26, 2006

Dolly Parton and Porter Wagoner- Just Someone I Used To Know

It's a stranger now.

Porter Wagoner gives me the creeps. I didn't like him from the moment I first saw him performing on television. That impression didn't change when I finally made the pilgrimage to the Grand Ole Opry and saw Porter in person. Conversely, I've always adored Dolly Parton. Doesn't everyone? But give Porter credit for allowing Dolly to become a star. This single was recorded on April 21, 1969 and reached #5 on the country charts in 1970, the year that Dolly had her first big hit as a solo artist.


Lee said...

Don't suppose creepy old Porter had much choice: get out of the way or get flattened. I heard some grousing from some people after her appearance at the last Oscars, that she'd become a parody of herself, that the plastic surgery had gone too far. But I love her still.

Happy In Bag said...

In other words, Lee, you mean to tell Dolly, "I will always love you"? According to the liner notes of this CD, Dolly wrote that song with Porter in mind.

Lee said...

I mean to camp out at Dollywood and sing it to her. Or as much of it as I get through before security arrives.