Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Magnetic Fields- I Looked All Over Town

The song got lost along the way.

In a thoughtful examination of the Stephin Merritt controversy concerning music and race at his remarkable Living In Stereo, writer David Cantwell confessed that he wasn't familiar with the music of The Magnetic Fields. I impulsively suggested that "I Looked All Over Town," from the "i" album, was perhaps my favorite song of 2004. In the song of heartbreak and isolation, Merritt examines the tears of a clown. "Maybe somewhere I could be free, Somewhere they won't throw rocks at me, Somewhere this crazy hair could be my crown." I know just what he means.


moose & squirrel said...

Consider me ignorant about Merritt & The Magnetic Fields, but when it comes to race and music, I am informed by my life experience which space does not allow elaboration here. I've met David Cantwell and know where his perspective is coming from. I should respond to his comments and the responses he received, which tell me, is a circle of friends I am currently not among. Stay well my friend.


Happy In Bag said...

Is that trash talk, M&S? I'm up for a little controversy. Bring it!