Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Walt Mink- Shine

Shine has shone.

I took a boozy stroll down memory lane at my personal blog this morning, and people with less addled minds are already correcting my faulty recollections. Walt Mink is typical of the bands I'd see at the rock clubs I mention in that post. Every review of Walt Mink mentions that they fused the twee pop of Lets Active with heavier Seattle-style riffs. I'd like to offer a new perspective on the band's approach, but that pretty much sums it up. Note: this jam from 1993 fades in at about the ten-second mark.


Butler said...

I also enjoy Walt Mink, my friend.


Happy In Bag said...

Ha ha, Butler. Anyone with even a casual interest in Walt Mink should follow Butler's hyperlink- you won't believe what he has going on.