Thursday, June 01, 2006

Gregory Hickman-Williams- Good Morning Heartache

The heartache is gone.

What a voice! Passages is the new release by Kansas City-based vocalist Gregory Hickman-Williams. As I suggest in my review of the album, those tiring of Johnny Hartman's collaboration with John Coltrane finally have something fresh to enjoy. It's available for sale at at CD Baby.


Lee said...

That's quite a set of pipes. I have to wonder if the recording industry, such as it is, even knows what to do with such a voice these days. This is a voice for a big room, which makes it scary for the poor microphone. Hence the regrettable but probably inevitable decision to move the mic back from him on what is a very intimate song (and why Billie Holiday's treatment has left such a stamp on it).

Among my first thoughts on listening to the track was that I would love to hear this fellow live. So I was distresed to read your patchcord review and hear about his health situation. Here's to a quick recovery and a gig in a great room.

Happy In Bag said...

Lee, the thoughtful insights of a pro are most appreciated. I love this recording; it's intentionally a very unique outing. GHW's talent is so remarkable that you're forced to ponder alternate strategies.