Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Hoagy Carmichael- Memphis In June

Memphis has ended.

I love hearing the author of so many American songbook standards faking his way through his own compositions. This 1956 date, loaded with ringers like Art Pepper and Harry "Sweets" Edison and arranged by Johnny Mandel, is charming. I won’t pass judgement on Carmichael’s nostalgic vision of The South, nor will I ponder the stickiness of Memphis in June.

My initial impressions of yesterday's Warped Tour are here.

I was both annoyed and flattered that Pitchfork, the popular and profoundly influential indie-rock site, came out with their version of my 100 Best Music Videos On YouTube idea today. So I sent them this cheeky email.

"Listen here, Pitchfork. I can’t blame you for copying my brilliant "100 Best Music Videos On YouTube" concept. When There Stands the Glass posted its list on May 25, my daily numbers skyrocketed into double digits. That's right- over ten hits a day! It's too late for Pitchfork to start playing catch-up with my site. Oh sure, you can try gimmicks like your little "festival." But after your day in the sun is over, everyone will realize that There Stands the Glass is the internet's definitive music destination."

That'll show 'em.


jon manyjars said...

Stick it to those Pitchfork bastards!

Happy In Bag said...

Hey, TSTG reader(s): This Jon fellow has a fine site of his own. Plenty of Figgs for the plucking, too.