Friday, June 30, 2006

Eliza Carthy- Adieu, Adieu


I've never participated in those "celebrity stock market" games where you speculate on the fortunes of celebrity actors and actresses. But if someone created a music version I'd make Eliza Carthy my speculative long-shot pick. Born in 1975 to British folk stars Martin Carthy and Norma Waterson, Carthy is a forward-thinking lover of traditional music. "Adieu, Adieu," from 2001's Red Rice, is a good example of her approach. Carthy has been relatively quiet recently, but I anticipate that she'll build a respectable international audience in the next decade. Keep Regina Spektor and Lily Allen- there's little doubt that Carthy will be making interesting music decades from now.

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moose & squirrel said...


I really enjoyed this song. Great bass line. Always a beautiful thing when progeny of super talents come into their own too.

I won't even 2nd guess your process for selecting your posts, but I always look forward to being pleasantly surprised. You're knowledge is legendary!

Thanks for the friendship of many years.