Friday, June 23, 2006

The Gladiators- Rearrange

The new arrangement is silent.

Here's an A&R tip for a savvy artist looking for the perfect song. This overlooked roots reggae gem from 1984 is ripe for contemporary revival. Its gentle melody, positive vibrations, and conscious lyrics could work wonders for anyone. I'd love to hear pop Idol Taylor Hicks or indie idol Jenny Lewis sing "I'm hoping and praying that very soon things will rearrange/Too much innocent blood's been shed." The exultation to meditate is just a bonus. It would add gravitas to a lightweight artist like Kenny Chesney and is a natural fit for a serious artist. M.I.A. comes to mind; can you imagine the Diplo remixes? Even if this proposal is whack, there's plenty to savor here, starting with Albert Griffiths' distinctive voice.

I wrote yesterday about The Kansas City Kansas Street Blues Festival, which I'll attend tonight instead of going to shows by Mark Selby, Mac Lethal/Joe Good or Hank III. Here's a KCUR audio interview with festival performer D.C. Bellamy. The same link offers a tribute to recently deceased local jazz favorite Rusty Tucker.

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