Thursday, September 20, 2007

The The- Someday You'll Call My Name

No name.

One of the most notable local acts at a recent festival I attended was named "Event." Try Googling that. The conundrum brought to mind The The, another absurdly difficult name. Although the entity known as The The scored a few "modern rock" hits, it's entirely likely that more success would have come under another name, something like "Pineapple Salsa." The 1995 release of Hanky Panky probably didn't do much to maintain The The's fan base. While quite convincing, the collection of Hank Williams covers baffled many. An obscure CD single featured three acoustic covers not on the album, including "Someday You'll Call My Name." Amazon doesn't list the title, but it's available at Ebay. It looks like The The's Matt Johnson has been active lately. Clues are at his MySpace.

My friend Lee touts the young jazz vocalist Sara Gazarek.

Kansas City Click: Willie Nelson's bus parks at Starlight tonight.

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