Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Gil Scott-Heron- No Knock

Knocked out.

It's going to take some time to fully absorb the eighty minutes of sounds contained on the new Chamillionaire CD I bought yesterday. (At least it's shorter than the great UGK release, which I believe clocks in at seventeen hours.) Although it's somewhat deficient in musical inventiveness, Chamillionaire's effort is a landmark recording on several levels. It's the first important "clean" hip hop release in over a decade. And as Houston So Real pointed out, "dude actually has concepts on pretty much every song, he's rapping about things that matter." Chamillionaire's specific targets and pointed arguments are strikingly reminiscent of Gil Scott-Heron's work. Like Scott-Heron, Chamillionaire addresses attacks on personal liberties, perceived political threats and the crassness of the news cycle. Chamillionaire would no doubt relate to the sentiment contained on the alternate take of "No Knock" from the reissue of the 35-year-old Free Will.

The East Bay Express has an startling profile of Too $hort's career path.

Kansas City Click: Los Angeles' Julia Othmer brings her mainstream adult pop to Bar Natasha tonight.

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