Friday, September 28, 2007

Donovan- Goo Goo Barabajagal (Love Is Hot)

Grown up.

Dang those dastardly Driftwood Singers! Lefty's new post about Donovan-related project Open Road forced me to scrub the rust off the vaults of my neglected stash of psych-folk hippy recordings. And now that I've started down that weedy path, it'll be hard to find my way back to the UGK, Kanye and Chamillionaire discs that have provided my soundtrack of late. This bit of madness from '68 features Jeff Beck, Ronnie Wood and Nicky Hopkins. As with the Driftwood Singers' selections, "Goo Goo" takes "Sunshine Superman," "Season of the Witch" and "Mellow Yellow" to their inevitable acid-soaked conclusions. The chorus- "love is hot/truth is molten"- gives this fantastic Australian compilation its title. And don't miss the newly uploaded video for "Cosmic Wheels". The Driftwood Singers would surely approve.

Members of a Minneapolis audience have a new Ryan Adams story to tell after his so-called "meltdown" last night. Most everyone has an Adams story; here's mine. When Adams was shopping for a home for what would turn out to be Bloodshot's Heartbreaker, he gave an industry showcase in an intimate Nashville venue. My boss's boss, a mogul I'll call "B," was seated about fifteen feet from the stage. Although I was positioned across room I could easily hear B's severe criticism of Adams. Each time the young performer fumbled between songs, B would loudly exclaim, "He doesn't know what he doing!" or "What the hell is wrong with him?" B's behavior clearly added to Adams' obvious discomfort. I wish I could have told Adams that B often occasionally heckled me in the same fashion.

Kansas City Click: Arcade Fire and LCD Soundsystem catch the wind at Starlight tonight.

RBD will almost certainly draw a less reserved crowd to the same venue Saturday.

Wonderful guitarist Beppe Gambetta visits the Mountain Music Shoppe on Sunday.


Don't Need Anything said...

i freaking can't get enough of donovan. and frankly i think its a good thing to get you away from that stuff...

Happy In Bag said...

Donovan is criminally overlooked, and I'm as guilty as anyone for not giving him more respect.

But don't worry, DNA- I'll buy both Bruce and Soulja Boy tomorrow. Ha ha.