Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Greg Kihn- For Your Love

The love is over.

Let's start a Greg Kihn revival. Even when he became an MTV staple with dubious hits like "Jeopardy," I was always partial to Kihn's power pop. Not only was his music consistently catchy, it was obviously grounded in a solid understanding of rock music's history. This Yardbirds cover serves as an example. It's from the out-of-print Kihnspicuous Taste compilation. In addition to writing novels, Kihn currently toils as a KFOX jock and also has his own Live365 stream. It's "Kihn-tagious."

Meet pianist Matt Herskowitz, Barry Manilow's new collaborator.

Janis Martin died earlier this week. In this video clip, Martin explains how she became the "female Elvis." Her cover of Roy Orbison here is tons of fun.

My head almost exploded when I tuned into the opening of the Kansas State-Auburn football game Saturday night. ESPN's new Saturday night theme song is a collaboration between 50 Cent, Kelly Rowland and Perry Farrell. Really.

Kansas City Click: Keith Kirchoff has a piano recital at UMKC tonight. He'll be performing works by Derek Bermel, Ives, Ruggles and others.

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