Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Jeffrey Osborne- Love Ballad

All out of love.

That's For Sure is far from a great album; it's no tragedy that the 2000 release is out-of-print. The new-jack-swing production is woefully misguided. Jeffrey Osborne's wonderful voice is just another element in the high-gloss sheen. Except... the disc concludes with a live rendition of "Love Ballad," a 1976 hit for the soul singer when he fronted L.T.D. It's the real deal. This video isn't what I had in mind when I searched for the original version, but I'm still glad I uncovered it.

You're the cutest little jailbird I ever did see.

Cuban trombonist Generoso Jimenez died at 90. I wish I knew who was who in this related video.

Kansas City Click: I'm not a big fan of Savoy Brown, but I'd love to peek inside the Beamont tonight to see if they can attract any kind of audience to the cavernous venue.

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