Friday, September 21, 2007

Brave Combo- Akira's Eejhanaika

Passport revoked.

Perceptions of Brave Combo vary wildly. Many of my friends consider them a "wacky" joke band because of things like this. European-American folklorists think of them as a go-to house band. They're regulars on the polka-and-beer circuit. But for me, Brave Combo represent much more than masterful eclecticism. They're supreme purveyors of surrealism, like Devo and Zippy. What makes the Texas institution's accomplishment even more remarkable is that they've been on the road presenting their art at Octoberfests, polka festivals and rock clubs for over 25 years. This rarity is from a Japanese-only release on the P-Vine label.

Purveyors of international garage rock Gearhead Records are having a sale.

Kansas City Click: Brave Combo is one of the bands on the bill at Octoberfest tonight.

Organist Melvin Rhyne is at the Blue Room Saturday.

Fiesta Hispana might be the best place for fun on Sunday.

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