Monday, September 24, 2007

Jack Logan- Good Times, Bad Memories

The good times are over.

I remember the days when the unchecked enthusiasm of a record label's management (along with a healthy marketing budget) was sufficient to flood the marketplace with a preposterous amount of CDs. Sometimes the stuff actually sold through. Unfortunately, a few high-profile raves in the press didn't translate into sales of Bulk. Consequently, the double disc of home recordings by Jack Logan remains a fixture in all respectable dollar bins. I must have purchased a dozen copies over the years. "Good Times, Bad Memories," a primitive hybrid of Exile On Main Street and Reckoning, remains my favorite of Bulk's 42 tracks.

The comments to my review of Friday's Split Lip Rayfield show aren't very nice. Most artists would gladly accept comparison to Merle Haggard and Elvis Costello, as well as being categorized as "abundantly talented." My criticism was an attempt to suggest one possible reason Robbie Fulks hasn't achieved commercial success.

Kansas City Click: The Kerry Strayer Orchestra is at the Blue Room tonight.

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