Monday, September 10, 2007

Mike Andrews- Love Is Tired


A sure sign of a compulsive music acquisition problem is buying CDs that you never even open. That almost happened to Mike Andrews' Hand On String. It's been collecting dust in one of many teetering piles of neglected discs at There Stands the Glass central. It wouldn't have changed my life if I'd played it the day I rescued it from a retailer's sale bin, but no collection can have too much Harry Nilsson-influenced post-Elliott Smith pop. The imaginative production is especially notable.

"The Ranch" kept me company as I drove across Kansas over the weekend. Between detailed ag reports, the country oldies station mostly stuck to obvious picks by Merle, the Possum, Cash and Waylon. So I about drove into a ditch when "Riding My Thumb To Mexico" blared from my car speakers. Man, it'd been years since I'd heard Johnny Rodriguez.

Kansas City Click: The Ataris are at the Grand Emporium tonight.

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