Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Modern Folk Quartet- This Could Be the Night


I'm among the thousands of observers of the Phil Spector trial who are stunned today. That takes nothing away from the man's genius. One of the songs I hadn't heard until I bought Back To Mono, the Phil Spector box set, was "This Could Be the Night." It's a brilliant song about frustrated sexual desire. If you choose to listen to it with a dirty mind- as I suspect songwriters Spector and Harry Nilsson intended- it's really filthy. Spector's 1965 wall-of-sound production adds immeasurably to the tension. Incidentally, Amazon is practically giving it away.

Breaking news: Garth Brooks will perform a one-off show November 14 at the Sprint Center in Kansas City.

Kansas City Click: Texas country-rockers Reckless Kelly are at Knuckleheads tonight.


Anonymous said...

The version on "Back To Mono" seems to have a huge flaw - it sounds "OOPSed." OOPS (out of phase stereo) is a process by which both stereo outputs are connected with no common ground. The effect is that only the stereo elements come through, while any part recorded in mono is almost completely cancelled. And that sounds like that is exactly what happened to the background vocals. Where are the "ooh-ooh-ooh's?" They seems to have been OOPSed. I've been looking for the original version of this recording for years.

Anonymous said...


Phil Spector had absolutely nothing to do the the writing of "This Could Be The Night". It should have been Harry's first big songwriting break except for Phil, never releasing the cut, tho claiming co-writing credit as he was apt to do.

- Michael