Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Rebirth Brass Band- Just the Two of Us


The Rebirth Brass Band will be in Kansas City this weekend on official government business. While I really enjoy the efforts of local brass bands Loose Cannon and Dirty Force, it'll be fun to hear one of the world's top five exponents of the form on our home turf. Links to details about "Turning X On 18th & Vine" are available at Plastic Sax. This cover of the Grover Washington, Jr. and Bill Withers hit is from the out-of-print The Main Event. And ReBirth offers a spirited rendition of Joe Zawinul's "Mercy Mercy Mercy" here.

Ann Wilson's solo album hit store shelves yesterday. Her take on Zep's "Immigrant Song" is pretty darn impressive.

Kansas City Click: The Flaming Lips touch down at the Uptown tonight. I'll be the Wayne Coyne doppelganger.


Don't Need Anything said...

if you see a kid in a limbeck tshirt by himself feel free to say hi. ill turn my ipod off for a minute between bands for you :)

Happy In Bag said...

Dang, DNA. I was just rerouted to the VooDoo tonight. Another time...

bgo said...

RE: Ann Wilson.

Makes sense.

She always tried to sing like Plant.