Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Shoes- Hangin' Around With You (Live)

Fell off.

My friend BGO is always digging up musical treasures. One of his best finds of late is The Red Button. The band recreates the happy pop of the Hollies and similar British invasion bands. While they're ridiculously good, I judge every power pop band against Shoes. The Illinois band with a rabid cult following has crafted several wonderful head-bobbing albums. This is from a live '81 set; the audience's enthusiasm inevitably reminds me of Cheap Trick's Live At Budokan. It's now packaged with Boomerang. Shoes' titles don't seem to be available at Amazon; try the band's label.

The two new releases I saw moving in quantity today at retailers were country crooner Blake Shelton and the Spiderman 3 soundtrack.

A lot of talent swill be squeezed onto the tiny stage of Jardine's tonight. The featured performers are Mike Metheny, Roger Wilder, Danny Embrey, Bob Bowman and Tommy Ruskin.

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