Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Paul Motian- The Riot Act

Peace and quiet.

Drummer Paul Motian has made several albums with Joe Lovano and Bill Frisell. I find them endlessly frustrating. Based on the talent and imagination of the three men, their work together should best all other improvisational jazz. This track from I Have the Room Above Her is typical. Frisell makes interesting noise, Lovano takes it a step further. All the while Motian pushes and pulls. It's fun to hear, but it contains little emotional resonance.

Young Jeezy's mix CD U.S.D.A.: Cold Summer and Trill Fam were the big new releases yesterday in my corner of the music retail world.

I've called on individual Virgin stores as well as their corporate headquarters. Aside from the occasional difficulty in pinning a stray buyer down, they were always cool. And as much as I like their massive stores, I always wondered how they made a profit. Chicago was always my favorite location. It's closing.

Kansas City Click: Although we don't get many chances to see Morrissey in these parts, I'm kind of interested in catching Brian Auger tonight at the Grand Emporium instead. Even though Auger now looks and sounds like this instead of this, he promises to be more fun that that Morrissey mope.


bgo said...

Years ago Brian Auger released an LP titled Reinforcements (see the cover)which was predictive of his current band that includes his son and daughter. A lost gem of a record too.


Martin said...

It sounds as if you are approaching Motian's discs with preconceived notions about what it is you want to hear. You note that the music is difficult for you. Perhaps Motian presents an opportunity of growth for you as a listener.

"Frisell makes interesting noise, Lovano takes it a step further. All the while Motian pushes and pulls."

Arguably, much more happens than this on every single track on the disc. Tastes are completely subjective, but if you were to temporarily suspend your preconceptions, and simply experience the music present beyond the interesting noise, the further step and the mere pushing and pulling, the emotional resonance would become a lot.

Happy In Bag said...

Thanks for your thoughtful comments, Martin. As I note, it's my inability to connect emotionally to the trio's sound that's disappointing. The music itself remains fascinating.

Good call, BGO.