Monday, May 21, 2007

The Nice- Bonnie K

She's gone.

I found myself at a Greyboy Allstars concert Saturday night. The music between sets consisted mostly of Northern soul, reggae dub and the Meters. It was great background music for a gorgeous night under a crescent moon. When an organ-based prog song slipped into the mix, it felt all wrong to me. But it perked up hundreds in the audience made up largely of nouveau hippies in their '20s. It might have been a Booker T. song that I'd never encountered. Or it could have been the Nice. This is my favorite song by Keith Emerson's old band; it's more grungy blues than silly pomp. It's on several compilations, including Nice Hits Nice Bits.

My friend B. just raved to me about his great experiences at the big 50s festival in Wisconsin last week. He said one of the highlights was Big Jay McNeely. It sounds like it was even wilder than this.

Kansas City Click: Dennis Winslett is at the Blue Room tonight.

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