Friday, May 11, 2007

Jack Ingram- Making Plans


Of the four acts on the big country package tour that comes to my town tonight- Brad Paisley, Kelly Pickler, Jack Ingram and Taylor Swift- it's Ingram that's the most intriguing. He toiled for years as just another Texas honky tonk troubadour. The out-of-print Live At Adair's dates from those days. Now that he's finally broken through with a slicker sound it'll be interesting to see if the mainstream contemporary country audience sticks with him.

Whither jazz? It barely registers at UCLA's so-called Jazz & Reggae Festival. Of the two dozen performers, only Christian Scott plays any jazz at all. Don't get me wrong- I'd love to see Dujeous, Luciano, Les Nubians and several other acts on the bill. But why call it jazz? I make this point not to pick on UCLA, but to remind myself that the genre receives meaningless lip service in points beyond my little neck of the woods.

Kansas City Click: The country tour mentioned above is at Verizon Amphitheater tonight. Everette Devan plays his organ jazz at both Harling's and the Drum Room on Saturday. Damien Rice comes to the Uptown on Sunday.

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