Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Henry Butler- Improvisation On An Afghanistan Theme

Moved on.

Henry Butler reminds me of Ray Charles, and not just because Butler, like Charles, is a blind pianist. The comparison is apt because Butler is proficient in almost any musical setting. I've witnessed him play blues, jazz, funk, rock and gospel. Charles, of course, had the same wide interests. I'm not sure if Charles ever riffed on music from Afghanistan, as Butler does here on his fantastic out-of-print Fivin' Around.

Alvin Batiste, who recorded with Butler on at least one occasion, died last weekend. He was 74.

The disappointed look on customer's faces as they studied the track listing on today's new Z-Ro release saddened me. I guess the song that fans of the Houston rapper wanted isn't included on his new one. A different crowd picked up Bone Thugs-n-Harmony's latest.

Kansas City Click: It's not live music, but the drinks are reasonably priced and there's no cover. These two goofs spin records tonight at the Record Bar.

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