Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mindy McCready- It Ain't a Party

Time to leave.

I missed most of last night's Academy of Country Music awards show, so I don't know if there were any moments as delicious as this. I was pleased to learn that Miranda Lambert beat out Taylor Swift as "Top New Female Vocalist." And witnessing people lined up to buy the new Gretchen Wilson CD yesterday made me even happier. Yet as much as I like Wilson, she's disappointed me. Initial hype indicated that she was a wild rebel set on turning Nashville upside down. And when I saw her swigging Jack Daniels on stage the week her first album was released, I believed it. Fooled again. She's just another fine talent. Wilson, Lambert and Swift might consider the saga of Mindy McCready as a cautionary tale. McCready was on top of the country haystack ten years ago. Her Ten Thousand Angels was a massive hit. Things haven't gone so well for her since. Careful, ladies. Nashville can chew you up and spit you out.

I don't have much to say about the passing of Jerry Falwell. I regularly monitor televangelist Pat Robertson's CBN network, however, in part to spot regular appearances by musicians. It's really illuminating to see someone like Marty Stuart in that context.

Kansas City Click: Shoooter Jennings is the headliner at the Beaumont Club tonight. Don't miss opener Scott H. Biram. The guy makes an unholy racket. Man, I'd love to lock Biram and Gretchen Wilson in a recording studio stocked with nothing but bourbon and fried chicken. With Biram's help, Wilson really could topple the Nashville establishment.


Greg Beck said...

hey, I threw up an old post from back in 2002 that you might like

Happy In Bag said...

Non-KC residents will be forgiven if they don't yet know that Mr. Beck, an area celebrity, maintains one of the world's best blogs.