Thursday, May 24, 2007

O.C.- Constables


My favorite new song of 2007 is Dizzee Rascal's "Sirens". The apocalyptic burst of noise perfectly captures the zeitgeist. That's not to say it's entirely original. The similarities between "Sirens" and O.C.'s "Constables" are striking. Both songs use sirens and paranoid repetition. The narrators convey a sense of impending doom as they're being hunted in a hostile environment. The only real difference is that O.C.'s sound is informed by jazz, whereas Dizzee's grime is based on the squalling of acts like Public Image, Ltd. My suspicion that Dizzee is swiping O.C.'s ideas makes me appreciate him even more. "Constables" is on Word... Life, O.C.'s coveted out-of-print classic from 1994.

It's "International Talk Like Bob Dylan Day." The official site is so dodgy that I won't link to it. But it's there that I found this ridiculously accurate Bob Dylan impersonator.

My friend BGO uncovered the single most entertaining music video ever. You won't believe it.

Kansas City Click: The Grand Emporium features pure pop for now people tonight. Jon Yeager and OK Jones both craft smart, radio-ready music.

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