Thursday, May 31, 2007

Jerry Granelli- Time Recovered

Time's up.

Jazz drummer Jerry Granelli is responsible for some of the most interesting music of the last few decades. Don't believe me? Granelli drummed for Vince Guaraldi on a few of the Charlie Brown soundtracks. And he recorded an album with Buck 65 in 1999. The new The Sonic Temple, featuring the guitar of David Tronzo, was released last month. And there's no telling where this composition is going in its first twelve seconds. Is it Pink Floyd? Ennio Morricone? Granelli is smart like that. Julian Priester's trombone, Anthony Cox's insane bass, David Friedman's vibes and Jane Ira Bloom's soprano complement the veteran throughout 1994's vivid Another Place.

I can't begin to express how much this pains me. I have no intention of purchasing Live In Dublin on Tuesday. For years I collected everything connected to Bruce Springsteen- from Joe Grushecky albums to tons of bootlegs. I just don't connect to the sound of his big folk band- and I'm part of the target audience. I grew up with Bruce's music and I also have a healthy collection of Pete Seeger albums and CDs. The last straw was when just four months after the street date of The Seeger Sessions, Bruce released an "expanded" product that rendered my original DualDisc version inferior. Now I'm supposed to buy both a double CD and a DVD of this new live recording? My life as a Bruce completist ends here.

Kansas City Click: Son Venezuela are at the Blue Room. What'll they do for a dance floor?

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Preston said...

I love the premise here, and the photos resonate, at least the ones with outdiet Coke.
PLease check out my own effort to gain some attention for forgotten music.