Thursday, May 17, 2007

Cedar Walton- Smoke Gets In Your Eyes


In his lengthy liner notes to the excellent 2001 recording The Promise Land, Bill Milkowski emphasizes Cedar Walton's accessibility. I'll summarize- Walton is soulful, swinging and he plays the melody. That's not to say he's simple- there's a lot going on here. The Walton solo that begins at 2:45 is sublime. That's Vincent Herring playing it straight on sax, and David Williams and Kenny Washington laying back on bass and drums.

Great country crooner John Anderson has a new album. So why am I so angry about it? It's the ill-conceived packaging. Easy Money comes in an "Express Pak" and a "Deluxe Pak." The former is a slim paper sleeve stickered with something like, "For fans who only want the music." It's a whopping $13.98 list! If you want liner notes and such, you'll deal with a $18.98 list price. I rarely rail against the music industry in this space, but this idiocy shows that it's hopelessly removed it is from reality.

Kansas City Click: I wouldn't ordinarily consider going to an upscale Johnson County bar or restaurant. I just don't have the clothes, haircut or wallet to get through the door. But tonight DJ Sku is at Sake Bar. Check out his subversion of Lil Wayne and Birdman's "Stuntin' Like My Daddy."

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