Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sonny Burgess- As Far As I Could Go

End of the road.

Only so many people can be Carl Perkins or Eddie Cochran. And while Sonny Burgess may not have achieved stardom, he's one of the last original rockabilly cats still standing. In fact, The 75-year-old veteran of Sun Records has a two-night stand at a roadhouse in my town this weekend. Tennessee Border, issued in 1992, was produced by Dave Alvin. "As Far As I Could Go" is just one of the tracks that captures the mysterious resonance of 1950s Memphis.

A goofy album cover is one thing. But to have the two biggest new releases of the week share the same wacky color scheme is extraordinarily odd. Both Norah Jones and Katherine McPhee must be fuming.

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Lefty said...

That's kind of like showing up at the same party wearing the same dress.