Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Aberdeen City- Stay Still


It seems like every town has at least one really solid band like Boston's Aberdeen City. My locals heroes are The Roman Numerals. A mix of Joy Division, the Cure and early U2, they're the types of bands that the Arctic Monkeys mocked so effectively on Whatever People Say I Am... Even so, The Freezing Atlantic has plenty of hooks, melodies and groove. I hope their forthcoming Steve Lillywhite-produced album is even better.

I received a flyer in the mail yesterday for this concert. "Who is this guy," I wondered. "And why does this theater think that because I bought Doc Watson and Jimmy Webb tickets from them that I'd want to see him." This YouTube video quickly answered those questions. And yes, I'd love to attend.

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Lee said...

How ironic. Aberdeen City's track sounds like it was recorded in the early 80s sounds. Lakatos's fiddle piece could have been written in the 1880s, and somehow seems fresher to my fussy old ear. I am a hopeless anachronism.