Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Count Basie- Doggin' Around


After 314 total posts featuring 314 different artists it's hard to fathom that I've failed to get around to one of my town's biggest musical contributions until today. Heard here in a live radio shot at its artistic peak, the Count Basie Orchestra changed both the way jazz was created and the way it was consumed by fans. The energy is just astounding. All the solos, including efforts by Buck Clayton and Sweets Edison, are so terrific that the lack of a spotlight on Lester Young isn't missed. But it's the pounding of drummer Jo Jones that makes this a spiritual precursor to the likes of Led Zeppelin's "Rock And Roll." This CD is no longer available, but the same material from 1938 may appear on other "collector's" issues from Europe and Japan.

After seeing her perform last night, I predict that within a year Ashley Tisdale will be the biggest star in teen pop music. Not only will she outstrip Hillary Duff, she may become as big as Britney was in '99. Listen to the clip of Tisdale's "He Said She Said" for evidence.


Rod... said...

...finally made it over here... the Basie is wild stuff... great blog!

Happy In Bag said...

For anyone hoping to see a "real" blog, Rod's Words and Music is about as good as it gets. The link is the column to the right.