Friday, January 12, 2007

Lester Young- A Ghost of a Chance


I've never smoked opiates, but I imagine the high must be similar to the way I feel when listening to Lester Young's vintage ballad work. His languid, thick-tongued playing on "A Ghost of a Chance" is intoxicating. The raw soul and passion almost overwhelm me. He's backed on this 1944 date by Kansas Citians Count Basie, Freddie Green, Rodney Richardson and Shadow Wilson.

Oh snap! Bowling For Soup's rethinking of Fergie's "London Bridge" is most amusing. Watch it here.

Even after hearing it a dozen times, I never switch from a station when "06 Rap Up" by Skillz comes on. Lines like "Dick Cheney got crazy with a 12 gauge" continue to make me laugh.

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