Sunday, January 14, 2007

Michael Brecker- 1949-2007


Michael Brecker died January 13. He was 57. A top session musician, his exhaustive discography is ridiculously diverse. Aerosmith, Regina Belle, Billy Joel, Pat Metheny, Charles Mingus, Lou Reed, Horace Silver and James Taylor are among the artists who hired him. And then there's guitarist Jack Wilkins. Alongside Jack DeJohnette, Eddie Gomez and brother Randy, Brecker contributed to a 1977 album by Wilkins. Michael's solo comes thirty seconds into this track from their 2000 Reunion session. Although contributing to pop albums probably paid his bills, his most lasting musical legacy may be his impeccable jazz work. This is my favorite of the many Brecker videos available at YouTube. He just tears it up.


arjovanklaveren said...

Everyday I thank you ! Michael

On fridaynight 19 jan.a radioprogramm is dedicated to Michael. Many songs of him !!
00:00-02:00 hour
listen to

arjovanklaveren said...
in the Netherlands !!!!

Happy In Bag said...

I'll try to catch the show, Arjo. Thanks for checking in.