Thursday, January 25, 2007

David Ball- Down At the Bottom of a Broken Heart


I was monitoring a contemporary country radio station yesterday when I was thrilled to hear an old-fashioned honky tonk song. For a moment I was filled with a renewed hope for the format. I came back to earth when I realized it was just an old Joe Diffie song. It was only a dozen years ago when guys like Diffie and David Ball were radio staples with songs like "Thinkin' Problem," the title track from David Ball's biggest album. This is another George Jones-inspired song from that release.

The Wreckers performed last night at the NHL All-Star Game. The sound was atrocious and the gals looked really lonely on the makeshift stage surrounded by nothing but ice. It was a really bad gig.

My review of the High School Musical road show is here.

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