Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Screamfeeder- Now I Don't Feel So Bad

Now I feel nothing.

The origin of this Screamfeeder CD is a mystery to me. I uncovered last week while I was in a short-lived organizational frenzy. Maybe I salvaged it from a dollar bin. Perhaps someone once gave it to me for review purposes. It was with no small amount of skepticism that I finally slammed it into the box. And leapin' Radio City- it's first-rate power pop. A little research reveals that the Australian band has a zillion releases. A couple additional songs are available for download at Screamfeeder's MySpace page. None quite have the Go-Betweens-meet-The Chills charm of "Now I Don't Feel So Bad."

My faith in the long-term viabilty of traditional acoustic jazz was restored by Roy Hargrove last Saturday night. My review is here.

Logo, the gay and lesbian-oriented television network, was recently added to my cable system. I monitored their hour-long video program last night. The playlist is far more interesting than the regular rotation on the traditional music channels. I saw Gym Class Heroes, Fall Out Boy, Fantasia, Catie Curtis and The Gossip. Not bad.

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