Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ronnie Baker Brooks- Are You Free For Me

Locked Up.

Ronnie Baker Brooks' music probably sounds great while you're headed for Sturgis on your Harley, wind in your hair and a companion hanging on to your beer belly. Unfortunately, that's just not me. (Except for the stomach part.) I remained unmoved when I saw Lonnie Brooks' son perform last summer at a blues festival. This heavy, post-Hendrix, post-SRV sludge blues just doesn't move me. Even so, I bought Brooks' recent The Torch a few weeks ago with the hope that it could win me over. It didn't. Maybe it's just me- Brooks is nominated for the "Contemporary Blues Male Artist of the Year" by the Blues Foundation.

I've always considered Norah Jones to be a beautiful woman, but this new look has me completely dumbfounded.

A critic called me out on my Alice Coltrane post. There Stands the Glass trainspotters might be interested in the exchange.

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