Tuesday, January 09, 2007

David Olney- In Your Eyes

Eyes are closed.

Sneaky Pete Kleinow, the multi-instrumentalist renowned for his steel guitar work, died January 6. He was 72. He had a knack for complementing a recording without overwhelming it with unnecessary showiness. He's best known for his association with Gram Parsons but he made hundreds of recordings. I decided to feature Kleinow on a lesser-known work from this 1995 release. David Olney's songs could be described as a savvy blend of Parson's cosmic country and Randy Newman's unique literary perspective. Kleinow's distinctive melancholy sound on this sensitive song serves as a fitting sendoff.

Because Florida was running away with the championship game and the battle between Bobby Knight and Bobby Huggins on ESPN was unspeakably ugly, I turned to VH1's The (White) Rapper Show. That's some funny stuff. "Ghetto Revival!"

A prediction: The music industry's sales of physical product this week will be near the lowest levels seen in the Soundscan era. The stores are empty, and aside from the Dreamgirls soundtrack, there's nothing to excite the mainstream customer base.

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moooseandsquirrel said...

As I understand it there is a pending memorial service at Joshua Tree--fitting!

Them old Burrito records are hanging thick in the ether right now and I just might have to find a way to download some into the Sansa.

Thanks for the heads up on this one, my friend.